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Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities
Exceeding 30 in number, the Clubs and Societies that St. Joseph’s College has to offer, provide students
with an opportunity to traverse their talents as well as to build on themselves. They promise invaluable
experience and lessons, moulding each and every individual into all-round characters, whilst transmuting
them into role model citizens.

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College Clubs and Associations

SVP Society

One of the oldest societies in College, The St. Vincent De Paul Society was founded in 1952 and is active to date. In to the bargain, they also conduct an annual Lenten collection. The society also holds a weekly money collection on Thursdays with the corporation of the sectional heads of every grade from grade 6 to 13. While the needs of the underprivileged students are met, those who contribute also get an opportunity to practice charity, which is the essence of Catholic life.

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