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Primary school

Primary school is from grade 1 to grade 4. Each grade consists of six Sinhala medium classes and one
Tamil medium class. Each class has between 35 to 40 students. Students are introduced to swimming as a
sport in grade 3. In grade 4, the children have an option to move in to the English medium. From grade 5
onwards the class structure is broken in to 4 Sinhala medium classes, One Tamil medium class and two
English medium classes. Students can start exploring different interests such as cub scouting, badminton
and Western/Eastern band as extra curricular activities in the primary grades.
The primary is equipped with its own library and Computer lab.

Middle school

Middle school is from grade 5 to grade 8. At grade 6, a new class is introduced for accommodating
students that are enrolled through the local scholarship program. Students start getting involved in more
extra and co-curricular activities such as SVP, Scouting and others during this period. Entry to most sports
take place during the time spent in the middle school.

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Upper School

Grades 9 to 11 make up the upper school. Children take up all extra and co curricular activities in the
upper school. The academic priority of Upper school is to prepare the students for the Ordinary level
exams. However, this is seen as a very critical time in development in a student’s life, as such; a lot of
focus is given to the development of a students’ personality and are encouraged to take up activities that
develop social skills. Many training programs are conducted focusing on life education as well as spiritual

Advance Level Section

Students have the option of following the local syllabus or the London syllabus at Advanced Level.
Manly four streams of study are offered in both the syllabuses, namely; Science, Mathematics, Commerce
and Arts. In between, multiple other subjects are offered for students who want to specialize in different
areas of study.
The Advanced level grades are supported with many facilities that aid in the study and exploration of
students. Namely, the Senior library, Computer Lab, separate laboratories for Chemistry, Physics and
Biology, Smart boards and smart class rooms etc. St. Josephs is proud to be deploying one of the most
advanced LMS (Learning Management System) in the country and is the first to do so. This will help
teachers deliver quality content and manage each student’s progress and also help the student and the
parents keep a tab on their individual progress.

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