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We here at this marvelous orchard of education, enlightenment, and erudition, are gratified to welcome you to St. Joseph’s College – Colombo 10. Our College has, since its founding in 1896, produced many eminent and esteemed visionaries and leaders. As a preeminent Catholic college in Sri Lanka, it has set the benchmark for many others to follow, in terms of spiritual formation, academic prowess, extracurricular activities, and aesthetic principles. Indeed, it is with great joy and unbounded humility that I look forward to continuing the legacy of this astounding College, as its 14th Rector.

St. Joseph’s College places a heavy emphasis on the spiritual, physical, and emotional growth of the student. Our mission is quite simple; that each child is empowered to attain their potential and make the most of their God-given talents and abilities during their time spent with us. To achieve this, we regularly look at ways of affording the perfect environment and opportunities for your child to shine academically, personally, and in his faith.

This new version of our website has been specifically designed to cater to you, my beloved students, and parents. I trust that, as such, you will find it beneficial and that it will serve to provide you with a warm welcome to our academic society, to further enhance and augment the importance of Catholic education, and ensure that St. Joseph’s College will continue to be a beacon of hope for many more generations to come.

Let us, therefore, endeavour to follow the attributes of our Patron – St. Joseph, by being just, obedient, faithful, patient, and prudent. Ite Ad Joseph. - “Go to Joseph”. Ecce fidelis servus et prudens, quem constituit Dominus super familiam suam - “Behold! A faithful and prudent servant, whom the Lord placed over his household”.

May the Lord God, our Heavenly Father pour forth His choicest blessings upon you, may our Most Holy Mother shield you, and may St. Joseph our Patron, inspirit you to walk with the Lord.

In Scientia et Virtute!

God bless you,

Rev. Fr. Ranjith Andradi

Rector / Principal

Vision of the College

Guided by the life, the teaching and example of our Lord Jesus Christ and inspired by the Josephina Motto – ‘Through Knowledge and Virtue’. We are conscious of our mission to serve the people of God.

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Mission of the College

To achieve excellence in education by making College one of Sri Lanka’s best educational institutions, by fostering education which promotes spiritual and human values, thus producing good citizens who have the knowledge, skills and aptitudes to serve the community in the public and private sector in the professions and in self employment.


St. Joseph's College is, by popular acknowledgement, Sri Lanka's leading Roman Catholic School for boys. Effectively unchallenged, it has occupied this position ever since it was founded in 1896by French missionaries led by Rev. Fr. Christophe-Etienne Bonjean. Over the years, the College has seen many changes like all enduring institutions, it has often been obliged to adapt to the needs and constraints of the historical movement. Yet, in spite of inevitable changes, St. Joseph's has never deviated from its principal goal of producing men of faith, knowledge and virtue whose loved ones, fellow workers and society at large may safely rely upon, and, from whose labour and advice they may continue to benefit as they have already done for wellover a century.


Our Academics


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Advanced Level

News & Events

Our latest news and events are showcased as follows 


March 02, 2022

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Department of Education has decided to have the GIT Written examination for those who did Advance Level Examination between 12th October - 3rd November 2020 and 7th February - 5th March 2022.

Those who wish to apply , please refer the following documents and handover your application to Ms. Poornima Perera before 30th August 2022

August 10 2022

Contact Us

ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE always has our doors open. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions regarding our academics, events, students, staff or anything else.

No. 214, T. B. Jaya Mawatha,
Colombo-10, Sri Lanka.

011 57384957

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