• Discipline

    Discipline is the behaviour of a person at home, at school, at office or in the society. Man is expected to be disciplined as a result of receiving his primary, secondary and tertiary education. Discipline can be maintained in two different ways. One is the willingness that comes within you to maintain discipline. The other is by implementing rules and regulations which people have to abide by Discipline is a ‘gift’ man carries at the time of conceiving in the mother's womb. Man develops with this great gift. It becomes inherent in man's life as a result of a mother's loving contribution to him. Discipline belongs to every part of our body. The brain, eyes, ears, hands, mouth have to be disciplined. All the ‘evil’ come into man when there is ‘no discipline’ within him. Maintaining discipline belongs to us. The way to talk to someone, the way you look at someone, the way you treat someone, the way you respond to someone, the way you look at the society is counted as your discipline If you cannot control yourself, then you need to learn how to do it. This is where one goes wrong. Little undisciplined acts can be turned into grave acts, some which cannot even be reconciled. Discipline is maintained at homes, at school, at institutions, at office, in society and among friends, families and neighbours. This is the most important aspect of a man‘s life where you will be judged by the entire world. One‘s appearance should read ‘discipline’ in his or her entire body. Your friends whom you keep company with, what you do with them, where you go with them, how you speak with them; would speak volumes of your discipline. Very especially when you are a Catholic, then Christian values should be in you; you are anointed and set apart by God for a particular mission. Today, many children do not know how to select 'a friend.' If a person tries to become a ‘hero’ in a classroom, the entire class will crown him or her as the king or queen and take that person as a friend. They are not bothered or concerned about the act that he or she did, but they build up a friendship. Many have forgotten ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’; the great axiom and its meaning. The need in the first word ‘in need’ is when somebody does any wrong to correct that person. This word and the meaning has not been understood by many. We need a friend to correct us when we do mistakes. Today, in the classrooms, something very dangerous is continuously happening. When someone does a wrong thing there is a tendency not to reveal the person‘s name to the class teacher. Due to this, problems keep on dragging for long and all parties suffer and get frustrated and disappointed. Atreus friend should name the ‘wrong doer' and correct that person, rather than defending and making the innocents suffer. A student's dress code is counted as a part of his discipline. You must wear neatly, decently and appropriately. You must comb your hair in the proper way. This has completely changed now and students use their hands to comb their hair. A tailor measures the waist to sew a trouser; but today a student trouser is at hip-level. These two things speak a lot about one's discipline. 'Decency' is dying and the 'HIPPY' culture has embraced the present day student. [In 1960‘s, People associated with a subculture which rejected traditional social values — those people were called HIPPIES]. It is so sad to see the students of different parts of the society being unable to abide by the rules and regulations and the lifelong traditions which have come into effect through the society. These evil ideas come into the mind of students when they live in the world governed by the evil. Your vision is poisoned when you allow the evil to creep in to you. You may argue that it is a need in today’s society. Yes, we agree; but from the studentship of a child, there are demands that are being made. A student’s prime duty is to concentrate on education. To be a balanced person one should have a sound spiritual life. You should start your day with the Lord. If you are a Catholic, you should pray and meditate before you leave home. Automatically through praying or meditating you transform yourself into a disciplined child. The next step comes to be a ”PRAYING CHILD.” Let us try this as students and elders and how valuable it will be and precious to be a ’PRAYING PARENT‘ and a “PRAYING CHILD”! It is with pride that we speak about the discipline of St. Joseph‘s College since it has been able to maintain great standards over the past so many years. There is an inherent tendency in our children to remain in the standards and benchmarks given to them from above. Many who visit the College have commented about the vast difference they could experience the moment they enter the premises. We are ever more joyful for our children have not embraced the outcome of the society and the world order. This difference is nothing but because, they are being led by the Holy Spirit, they are not a burden to their superiors and their parents, but obedient, listening and enthusiastic about their career. Dear Josephians, do work towards the DREAMS of your parents. Work also towards the many dreams of your mentors who are your teachers. We are ever more thankful to you for you are not an ”undisciplined showpiece” during your school career but a “disciplined masterpiece.” May the students of St. Joseph‘s College have the courage to safeguard these great qualities and imbibe them for an inspiring way of life.