• Personal Life

    Although a student‘s personal life is fashioned on the home environment, theorists believe that an individuals identity is influenced by the people around them and the environment in which they live. So it is not only their home life but also their school life which contributes to the development of the student and the fostering of moral and social values and the norms of right and wrong conduct.

    Value education is also part of the curriculum so that students learn about "self" and the “wisdom of life”, how to behave responsibly, what is good behaviour for themselves and the community and how to develop into personable and social beings. This includes social and moral reasoning, emotional learning, life skills education, health education, cleanliness, violence prevention, critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and conflict resolution and mediation.

    Moral values are supported and guided by spirituality or faith. Personal values stem out order to achieve moral and spiritual development while social values are cherished and practiced to keep society in harmony. It is expected that when students finish their education at St. Joseph's College they will go into the world with well-balanced moral, personal and social values.