• Co-Curricular Life

    Whilst academia is nourished and encouraged, St. Joseph‘s College also provides students the opportunity to explore their latent talent.

    Engaging in extra—curricular or co-curricular activities provides students with the opportunity to explore their physical, creative, social, political, and career interests and puts them in contact with like- minded people who share their interests and curiosity. It also helps bring people together and breaks down barriers between people. It is a proven fact that students who are involved and engaged are less likely to become addicted to bad habits, like smoking or drinking.

    Participating in extra- curricular activities looks good on university and job applications and shows admission officers and employers that you're well rounded and responsible. Curiously, there is now an evolving trend where educational establishments like Oxford and Cambridge or prospective employers are not only interested in your academic excellence but also your extra-curricular or co- curricular activities — presumably as this is a demonstration of highly sought after skills such as emotional intelligence, team spirit, leadership, drive, initiative, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills.

    Sport is intrinsic in human development and the flowering of the human personality. It promotes physical development, enhances mental strength and builds team spirit and resilience. St. ]oseph's College has produced Olympic athletes and several Iosephians are members of the Sri Lankan Cricket team. Old Joes have excelled in every conceivable field of art, science and sports.

    Scholars have defined “Aesthetics” as a "critical reflection” on art, culture and nature, and studies show that a student's aesthetic abilities may be related to cognitive development. St. Joseph's College encourages students to develop their aesthetic abilities in the arenas of music, singing, dancing and oratory and students participate in debating and speech competitions, Cultural Days, Rhythm of the Joes, various other concerts and the College choir. It is evident from these events and competitions, that St. Joseph‘s College has produced artistes with immense talent and the prospects of a bright future in their chosen art.