• Academic Life

    Boasting a motto of "Through Knowledge to Virtue", it is therefore no surprise that St. Joseph's College maintains a steady and high standard of excellence in the field of academia.

    Our students have fared extremely well in the Ordinary Level and Advanced Level Examinations. The success rate in the Ordinary Level examinations by the English, Sinhala and Tamil media has exponentially increased largely due to the dedication, hard work and calibre of teaching staff and students. To recognize outstanding academic excellence, students who achieve "A" in all three subjects offered at the Advanced Level Examinations are presented with pure sovereign gold medals.

    Schools are at the heart of local communities. They are places where students become equipped for their future role in society and this requires access to the very best learning environments. With this in mind St. Joseph's College provides state of the art facilities to enable and encourage students to perform at optimum and improve their engagement with the school. These include Information Technology facilities which are second to none, well equipped science laboratories, library, art rooms, music rooms and musical instruments. At class level, students engage in motivational talks, educational trips, leadership training programmes, after school classes for students appearing for the Ordinary Level examinations, group assignments, class presentations and daily tutoring by teachers who are subject matter experts in their chosen fields. Teaching staff is also available during school vacations to assist students who are in the preparatory stage of public examinations.

    St. Joseph's College does not advocate the "tuition" culture. Accordingly special classes are conducted depending on the needs of students, and students are encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability by availing themselves of the facilities offered by the College.

    The dedication, hard work, patience and availability of teachers and the guidance of Rev. Fr. Rector and Rev Fr. Vice Rector and the invaluable service of the administration staff is testament to St. Joseph's College emphasis on education and academic excellence.

    Special sessions are conducted for those who fall behind the average level students. These slow learners are a result of the unhealthy circumstances that are prevalent in the society. Our aim is to take every child, without fail to the destination. Glittering stars are expected and appreciated. Yet, everyone's success is the key to the accomplishment of our final aims.

    The Priest community is also cherished and appreciated not only for their contribution to the religious education of students but also for making themselves available to both teachers and students to offer invaluable advice, encouragement, kindness and direction.

    As English is taught as a first or second language at St. Joseph's College, all students have a good grasp of the English Language by the time they sit their Advanced Level Examination. As we live in an era in which globalisation is characteristic of the manner in which business relationships are formed and communication occurs, being able to speak a language other than your native language is a huge advantage.

    Old Joes are also faring exceptionally well in professional establishments. No doubt the strong foundation laid during their student years maximizes employment and career development opportunities and affords students avenues to strategically choose study courses that will make them more marketable and sought after.